Friday, January 25, 2008

DreamCatcher Steed

My first try in digital painting ... i used reference for the horse though... Illustration for some poem , title above is my free translation of that poem's name...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Famous monster from Loch Ness in Scotland :)

Sorry , i moved illustation because of copyright...


Ehm... this was hard as hell for me ... i done this illustration for school book for 6th graders for 9 hours . Much? I done 2 illustrations in pencil , and colored this one from 12:30 in the evening , till 5:30 in the mourning ... and i didnt save till the end ... i just needed to finish few small things ,and suddenly my PS CS2 has frozed ... ofc i was in hurry to finish this piece and i clicked ... Vista offer me a choice , and in that hurry i choose wrong one ... ARGH! Everything i worked for was lost now ... on scedule day !!!
I painted over again ofc , but this is not good like first one... i didnt have energy , i was half numbed ...
Not good as first one at all... First one was almost perfect :(

Friday, January 18, 2008

More Bloody Covers

This time its my fault ... They told me on time to make this covers , but i deceived myself with that , thinking : oh, i have time , i will do it tommorow . Not smartest move ... i have done these covers last night , and it was so hard for me , i didnt felt touch of the inspiration ... for a long time i didnt have troubles with drawing such as i had last night with these 2 pieces ...